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 HOLY HEAVEN!, A New Lottery Item from ZX Online!

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PostSubject: HOLY HEAVEN!, A New Lottery Item from ZX Online!   Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:46 pm

Heads up Immortals!!!

Check out the new lottery item ZX is dishing out...

The Heaven Crystal!

Purchase a Heaven Crystal from the Item Shop and you could get any of the following:

Golen Cucurbit - Talisman

Wonder Bean - An Item to change the appearance of your Pet

Turtle Ice Cryolite - Increases character defense

and to top it all off, you could also get the chance to have...

A Snowy Beary

So hurry! Grab a Heaven Crystal and travel with your very own Snowy Beary on your Journey to Immortality!

* 1st Prize: Snow Beary
* 2nd Prize: Golden Cucurbit
* 3rd Prize: Random Item: Darkmoon Stone Ex. Ticket OR Red Sun Stone Ex. Ticket
* 4th Prize: Random item: Tiger Soul Occult Ice OR Turtle Elf Occult Ice

Source: E-Games Forum Boards

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HOLY HEAVEN!, A New Lottery Item from ZX Online!
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