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 Wandering Heaven General's Trial [Guide]

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PostSubject: Wandering Heaven General's Trial [Guide]   Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:34 pm

Quest Name: Wandering Heaven General's Trial
Quest Time: All Day ( 5 times )
Level Requirement: Level 60 and above
Type: Daily Quest

Rewards: 25 Taichi Gold Elixirs (EXP) (1 quest) and Random Pet Item (1 pc)

1st Step:

--Talk to Sky Right Imperial Patrol at Azure Cloud (142,112)
--Get the quest: Trave.Heaven Gen. Trial Refine

2nd Step:

--Find the Wandering Heaven Generals and Kill 10 of them.

For Level 60-74 (Go to DeadSwamp)

For Level 75-89 (Go to ForeWorld)

For Level 90-104 (Go to Incense)

For Level 105-119 (Go to South Boundary)

For Level 120-134 (Go to Kunlun)

For Level 135-150 (Go to Sura)

Last Step:

--After Killing 10 of those Generals, Go back to Sky Right Imperial Patrol.
--Turn in the Quest and Get your rewards.


Note: You can do this Quest Five (5) Times a Day.
So, You'll Get 125 taichi Gold Elixirs daily.
And about the Pet item. You'll get either of those items in the picture.

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Wandering Heaven General's Trial [Guide]
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