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 Heaven Book Tales

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PostSubject: Heaven Book Tales   Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:02 pm

Get this Daily Quest from Moon MatchMaker at Heyang City

--The quest requires you to kill 99 Thin Waist Bee Found in Azure Cloud Map (-160 -404).

--After killing 99 of those mosters, go back to Moon MatchMaker and talk to him..

He'll Give you one of these items..(These items will only last for 1 hr)
Charm of a Singer
Daffodils Riversong
Peace and Tranquililty


You can Right Click it to see whats inside..tho you dont have to do dat coz it'll only show u some weird notes (Chinese), like the image below

Here are the NPC's dat U'll need to talk to in order to get the rewards.

For Charm of a Singer --- Lu Xueqi at Moon Dais [Azure Cloud Map] (403 -192) She's on top of the Mountain.

For Daffodils Riversong --- XuanYuan Master [Azure Cloud Map] (10 -433) U need Flying Sword to reach this NPC coz he's on the top of the tower

For Peace and Tranquililty --- Long'er the Holy Hoe [Heyang City Map] (-242 268).


50 Taichi Pills (exp) or 50 Taiji Gold Pill (hp pots) --(random, either of these two)
100 Virtue Incense --(super rarity used for donation)
Book of Enlightenment --(U'll get this when u get taiji gold pill. (just right click it)

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PostSubject: Re: Heaven Book Tales   Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:53 am

hehe thnx sa guide!!! Jollyz
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Heaven Book Tales
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