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 New Lottery Box and Costumes..

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PostSubject: New Lottery Box and Costumes..   Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:31 pm

Maple Costume for Male & Female
This beautiful costume is perfect for Autumn and is made of satin and decorated with maple leaves.

Head Adorn - 100 Gold Ingots
Body Costume - 400 Gold Ingots
Shoes - 75 Gold Ingots

Lottery box~! See what’s in store for you when you purchase and open this item!

1st Prize - Firedrake Sword

2nd Prize - Five Dragon Wheel

3rd Prize - Magic Bean (used to exchange pet quality upgrade; increase stats and star quality of the pet)

4th Prize - Tiger Soul Occult Ice / Turtle Elf Occult Ice

*Other item functionality to be posted soon.

**More items will be also included in the patch to be posted here as well.

***New game functions will be added.

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New Lottery Box and Costumes..
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