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 Poem Quest

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PostSubject: Poem Quest   Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:45 am


Purple Star Stone(PSS)

no idea about it yet

Time of quest:
1st Round: 12:00-13:00(PH SERVER)
2nd Round: 20:00-21:00(PH SERVER)

Aim for the quest:
to complete 2-4 lines of a poem by killing white paper monsters outside Heyang City.

Channel 15

1st: To give you a background of the quest, talk to Lv Wencai (175,135 -Heyang City)
I think this is not necessary, therefore optional Cool

2nd:Kill those White Female Mobs outside Heyang City.
They are everywhere outside Heyang.
The mobs/monsters of this quest have red names(Their names resembles the line of the poem they posses).
Killing them is easy regardless of the level. Worry about dying? don't worry, they just tickle you til you've killed them. Twisted Evil

3rd: After killing them, a certain item will drop which is a line from a certain poem.
Remember, you can only benefit If you have complete a certain poem.
Some poems have only 2 lines while others have 3-4 lines.
Also, whoever gets the first hit from the white lady paper mob will get the line.
Beware: This quest is somehow like a contest. In return, people PK each other.
Also, Pk'ers will lurk at this times at Heyang.

4th: Find the right pair/group of lines of the poem. Then you're done.
Here is a screenshot showing the right pair of lines of a certain poem:

5th: Return the completed poem to Lv Wencai.
The longer the poem you complete, the better rewards.

Having a necklace with + attack will sure help a lot.
Having a mount will help a lot. You'll know why after taking it for the first time.
Better to do it with high level characters because PK'ers and PK's will be abundant during the duration of the quest.
I'll suggest to use below 30 characters. so they can't PK you.
If u can do multiple log in.. then use 4 or more characters that are below lvl 30.
and stand at a certain spot.
Each kill will give you time to change window or while killing the mob switch to other window.
more efficient than running around and killing mobs.

What to do with PSS(Reward of the quest):
Collect them and exchange it for a quest(that rewards massive exp) on Teleport Emissary near Clan Admin at Heyang City.

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Posts : 174
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PostSubject: Re: Poem Quest   Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:06 pm

Poem Event Pairing
for the stuff that would really make poem event worth while is you should know the pair of monster to be killed.

The name of the pair : DEEP LOVE

The partner of the pair : HOW CAN SMILE

well basically u need to kill 2 monsters for 1 pair for a reward from lv wencai.. also there are pairs that u need to kill 4 monsters to complete 1 pair.

Pairs can be found :

East , West , South, North Of HYC

asked bright moon = to make us thee
singing& drinking = playing guitars
take home amfufu = symbol of love= red berries
spring in courtyard = branch out of wall
Bones of river banks = alive in dreams
stop coach at maple = frost bitten leaves
wild goose = believes only pain
sleepless at night = endless it become
how much my sorrow = like the river
asked bright moon = to make us thee
stand lonely = fly infurry
tartar lamenting = no spring
hate for dont honor= feel that sea
we pity each other = skinny figure

Hide Half face=urge her to come
Her face like=balcony in spring
wide world close free=clean water near moon
bones on river=alive in dreams
fair lady=gentleman seeks
rain last night=sleep after drunk
like soft=knots in heart
touch flute=afraid to go back
with wine bottle=a lady so tiny
may we belong=sharing when apart
moon knows=rays till dawn
cold in the moon=two stars faded
dream at night=spring tender
petal in river=mythical cave
people in the same boat=what does a guitar matter
we will seperate= when no peak on mt.
have knowing=feel the harmony
heart blossoms=loveash

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Poem Quest
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