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 Safe Lock System, Modifying the time

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PostSubject: Safe Lock System, Modifying the time   Fri Jun 19, 2009 3:21 am

First of all NEVER play with your safe lock it might give you headaches that will actually lead to death.Laughing

First, on the upper left corner of your screen find the safe lock option that looks like this. and click on..

A menu will pop up that says your remaining time of being locked (Current Security Time)
it also shows you your default time limit of being locked (Current Security Time Limit)

Now to set the time limit you have to fill in the blank
the minimum time is 1minute...

now click on the Confirm button. Once clicked an option will pop up that is confirming your desired lock time..

(Be careful.. once you change it... you still need to wait 3 more days to change your Security Lock options)

Done!! Smile
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Safe Lock System, Modifying the time
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