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 Build Up Establisment [20G]

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PostSubject: Build Up Establisment [20G]   Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:34 am

Here's My Guide For these Useful yet expensive quest

Guide: (Daily Quest) Build Up Establisment [20G]

1.If u already have 20 Golds in your inventory. Go to HEYANG CITY..talk to the Clan Administrator..
and get the quest from him.. You'll have to Pay 20 Golds for the Quest.

"Build Up Establisment"

2. As ordered..Go to Source Cave..Get Some Water..


Stay there..and wait until u'll see a pop-up message..

3. After having the "Water". Go back to heyang..and talk to the Clan Administrator for further instructions..
---He Will now Ask you to Find Some High Grade Mineral, 10 Pcs of it.

*The Mineral can be found at Mountain of South Axman (-356, -291),
Juz right in the Entrance..Near the Rock Piles..

4. After having 10 pcs of Minerals..Head back to heyang city and talk again to the Clan Administrator..
for the last order..
He'll ask you to go Tiger hillcock and Get 1 Pc of Sumac Juice from the Bandits

5.After That..Go back to Heyang and submit your quest to the Clan Administrator..
and your Done..Smile

*You'll Get 40 taichi Gold elixirs..which will turn into exp in a matter of seconds*


EXP REWARD - varies depending on your level.

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Build Up Establisment [20G]
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