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 Treasure Is Out [15G]

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PostSubject: Treasure Is Out [15G]   Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:17 am

Here's My Guide For these Useful yet expensive quests

Quest (15 Golds) The Treasure is Out

1.Go to Heyang City and Talk to Wu Mincai (198,86)..
Pay Him 15 Golds For you to get the quest.

2.He'll Tell you that the treasure would come out at Black Bamboo Ridge,
So You'll Have to go there and search the area..

But That Was Another Lie evil

3.Go back to heyang city and talk to Wu Mincai(198,86)..He Cheated, so make him pay. :mad:

4.He'll eventually tell you that it was Metaphysics Mas.Qian Yuancheng's Fault and that he was also a victim..So, Go to Azure Cloud And talk to this Guy (Metaphysics Mas.Qian Yuancheng) [66,112]

5.Metaphysics Mas.Qian Yuancheng now tell you that the treasures were taken by mage monkeys..and you'll have to hunt them down..

6.Go to Small Bamboo Ridge and kill 18 mage monkeys.. :stress:

7.And After Having your revenged on those freakin monkeys.
Go back and talk to Mas.Qian Yuancheng[66,112]..

8.After Having some Chit Chat with him on how u slap the faces of those monkeys
He'll Give you the rewards..
30 Taichi Gold Elixir..
Which will eventually turn into EXP in a few seconds :idea3:


EXP REWARD - varies depending on your level.

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Treasure Is Out [15G]
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