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 Valuable Golden Elixir [20G]

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PostSubject: Valuable Golden Elixir [20G]   Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:59 pm

> 25 Gold
> All levels
> Heyang City
> Any channel

Here's what you have to do:

1. Go to Heyang City. Talk to He Longrao (185, 78).
Get the "Valuable Golden Elixir" quest.
You will receive a special scissor which you will use to cut " Exquisite Grasses"
You'll find those grasses near the Portal to Incense Vale.

2. After receiving the scissor, proceed to the area near the portal to incense vale.

3. Search the area for Exquisite Grasses and click on them.
You need to collect 5 Complete Exquisite Grass.
You will get 2 kinds of grasses randomly:

Complete Exquisite Grass
Damaged Exquisite Grass (i still dont know what to do with this so i just sold it to the NPC)

4. There is a time limit for this quest.
The special scissor will last for 20 minutes only, so try to collect and cut grasses as much as you can.
After collecting 5 of the exquisite grasses,
Go back to He Longrao to complete the quest.
You will receive 40 Taichi Elixirs.

EXP Reward varies depending on your level

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Valuable Golden Elixir [20G]
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