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 Nine-Floor Evil Tower of Heaven Sound Temple

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PostSubject: Nine-Floor Evil Tower of Heaven Sound Temple   Fri Jun 19, 2009 2:58 am


QIANKUN GOLD [QG] which can be exchanged for:

Virtue of Incences - for prestige/clan donations (20 QG)

EXP - varies depending on your level (50 QG)



Once you see the pink announcement saying something about the invasion of the the Nine Evil Towers.. GO TO Heaven Sound Temple.

LOOK for the NPC (FA JUE) in the middle of the town behind the big pot of incense.
Talk to him and get the quest.


Talk to the NPC (FA YUAN) behind the towers. He will give you a quest asking for Jades which you can get from killing the evil monsters who will try to bring down the towers.

Kill as many as you can and loot the jades. You need to collect at least 5 and then talk to the NPC again and get the same quest or you can just do it after some time but of course you have to check from time to time coz the NPC will disappear after the towers have been burned down.

You will get 10 QIANKUN GOLD for each set of jades that you collect.

After this, PROCEED to Azure Cloud and talk to the KEEPER. Get the corresponding quest depending on what you want to exchange for the QIANKUN GOLD.

* The monsters are really strong and can inflict 500 to 2000++ (critical)damage regardless of your level.

* No matter how high your defense is(armor plus),it wont be effective against their damage.

* Cryolites also aren't effective.

* Better to bring as many players/high level characters as you can especially for those after the virtue incenses so that you can collect more QIANKUN GOLDS. :siesta:

* You'll die many times.. No need to panic though..there won't be any EXP loss.


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Posts : 174
Join date : 2009-06-19
Age : 29
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PostSubject: Re: Nine-Floor Evil Tower of Heaven Sound Temple   Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:51 am

Trick And Tips

Since PETS are already in ZX World, Then..Why Don't We Use Them?.. Cool

Level Ur Pet to 60 Above..Para Kayanin Nya E-Tanked Ang Monster sa Tower Defense Event

The Higher the HP of Ur Pet, The Better..

Same aspect applies sa pet mo..Defense is useless..

Ano Ba Advantage ng Player Sa TD event if Pet Gagamitin?

1. Mas Mabilis Makalapit ang Pet keysa sa Ibang Player..
Even to those players who use long-ranged weapons (Staff etc.)

2. Kahit Super Layu pa ng Monster As long as nka locked-in kana sa Monster,
Once u ordered ur pet to attack it, Lalapitan at E-Kikill nya un..

3. Player Pots are too expensive, Mauubos Gold mo sa Pots..But,
If U'll Use ur Pet, Malaki matitipid mo, Why? Kz Pots for Pets is Super Mura.
[Check The Brat NPC]..


What U'll Have to do is Stand Near a Certain Tower..
Then Let ur Pet Lure the Monster Near the Tower..

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Nine-Floor Evil Tower of Heaven Sound Temple
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