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 Malevolent Aura Crisis

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PostSubject: Malevolent Aura Crisis   Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:15 pm

Quest Name: Malevolent Aura Crisis
Quest Time: 6pm - 8pm
Level Requirement: Level 15 and above
Type: Daily Quest
Reward: 25 taichi Gold Elixirs (EXP)

Items Needed: Different kind of Phylacteries (1 pc each)

1st step:

--Take quest from Lu Xueqi at Moon Dais, Azure Cloud (400, -195).

2nd Step:
--Lu Xueqi asked you to repair 3 pillars. Now go to the first one at the Ancestral Temple of Azure Cloud.

Note: Once U started the quest from the 1st Matrix Stone Column,
NEVER Leave the Ancestral Temple Area coz if you do, the quest will FAIL.

A) Matrix Stone Column (Heaven)

--Kill the Pillar Destroying Evil Beast nearby.

--Then wait for 5 minutes.
--Turn in quest and go to the next Stone Column.

B) Matrix Stone Column (Earth)

--Collect 3 Small Calcedony. (These things are scattered around the temple)

--Return back to the Column and pass the quest.
--Then Again, wait for 5 minutes and Turn in quest when the time is up.

C) Matrix Stone Column (Human)

--The quest ask for random of Phylacteries.(Ex. 1 pc Eagle Eye Phylactery)
In case you don't have the required phylacteries on hand, asked your friends to bring it to you XD.

--Again wait for another 5 minutes and then turn in the quest.

3rd Step:

--Go back to Lu Xueqi and turn in the quest.
--You'll get 25 taichi Gold Elixirs as a reward XD.

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Malevolent Aura Crisis
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