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PostSubject: Special-clan-Pan07   Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:49 am

Quest Name: Special-clan-Pan07
Time Limit: 1 hour
Type: Daily Quest


1) Get the Special-clan-Pan07 quest from Clan Administrator Fang Haiping at Heyang City.
--You will then receive some quest items (Mage Key and the Summoning Key)

--Then go to the Teleport Emissary, start the Contribution 1,2,3 or 4 quest,
(You better choose the highest value, ex. 4)

--Wait a few seconds and you will get something for the quests (Celestial Loyalty Post).

Then, Look in your quest log and it will have you do a series of quests,

These are the things you'll have to do: (either of these two)

A) Kill: 10 Exciled Cabala Fire Disciple; found at Cabala Fire Sect Branch Altar (Heyang City).
--Force your pet to go after the boss that Guards the altar (Ether Annhilation),
--or Get just close enough to lure him away without attacking and get him close enough to the Golden Eye Suanni nearby, they will start attacking each other.
--or You could just fly over them using your flying sword (if u have one. XD)

B) Kill: 20 Angry Furious Spirits; found at Yizhuang (Heyang City).
--Same thing here, get your pet to go after the Top Poison while you attack the Furious Spirits or vice-versa.

2) after you get them killed, Another Random Quest will appear in your quest log.
Again, Its Either of these two.

A) You'll be asked to kill the Treasure Gathering Beast (1/0).
--In order to do so, you have to use the silver key on the
Summoning stone at Azure Cloud (445,-110).
--This spawns the Treasure Gathering Beast in Yinxui Hat at Heyang City.
--Go to Yinxui Hat at Heyang City (27, -164). and kill the beast that spawns there.
--This beast has a very short lifepsan and if you do not kill it in time, he disappears and you'll fail the quest.

B) You'll be asked to kill 10 Cruel Poinous Bat; found in the Bat Cave (Azure Cloud)
--These Bats can paralyze u and u wont be able to move not until u killed them.
--The best way to kill them is lure them one by one.

3) Next, You'll be asked to kill these monsters found at Paraselene cave (Azure Cloud 443,382):
*20 Sword Slaves
*20 Small Jianmo Leader

--You have to watch out at the Boss guards in that area. (Paraselene Heaven Lord)
--If u'll make him mad. He'll teleport you back in town. XD

4) After killing those monsters, go back to the Clan Administrator and get your Toilsome Sweat.
Then go to the Teleport Emissary, and finished the quest uve taken from him earlier.


Xuanyuan Coins or Xuanyuan Golds

These items can be exchanged for various items at Xuanyuan master in azure cloud (6, -434).

After this you will still have the mage key..
The only thing I found to use it on is the summon rock behind the Ether Annhilation at Cabala Fire Sect Branch Altar,
Get him to go after the Golden Eye Suanni and you got free and clear shot at the stone,. All it gives you is 1 virtue incense.
But I assume it spawns a beast somewhere else, I just have not heard of anyone that has found exactly what it is yet.

Note: the higher your Clan contribution/Prestige is, the better the rewards.
ex. 1k clan contribution gives you 1 Xuanyuan Coins
2k = 2 Xuanyuan Coins
3k = 3 Xuanyuan Coins
So on and so forth..
And if u dont see this quest at clan admin, then you probably dont have any clan contribution.

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