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 Treasure Collecting Basin [Info]

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PostSubject: Treasure Collecting Basin [Info]   Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:36 am

What is Treasure Collecting Basin?
- This item can be exchanged for Talisman Accessories.

Where to get Treasure Collecting Basin?
- You can gather this item by doing Treasure Flee Quest in Kunlun or Sura World.

How to exchange Treasure Collecting Basin for Talisman Accessories?
- Go and talk to Xiao Huan (Heyang 155 146)
- Choose "Treasure Collecting Basin"
- Choose the School which Talisman Accessory you want to trade
- Choose your desired Talisman Accessory

What are the Talisman Accessories available for trade?
- Accessories for all School Restricted Talismans Lv. 15, 75, 105.
- Accessories for Divine Wood Dice, Country Land Fan, Jade Pure Vase, Virulent Tripod.
- Accessories for Golden Cucurbit, Dragon Cabala Fire Hood, Yin-Yang Mirror, Dragon Flag, Exquisite Tower, SoulRestoration Lam, Joyride Fan.

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Treasure Collecting Basin [Info]
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