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 ZXOnline Patch Notes v29

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PostSubject: ZXOnline Patch Notes v29   Fri Jun 19, 2009 3:17 pm

Have you applied the new patch recently?

Have you visited the official website too?

Check out ZXOnline’s new updates! Jollyz

As posted by GM Paetou:

A. Level Cap has been Increased to 150

B. 4 New Maps available

* Incense Vale
* South Boundary
* Kunlun
* Sura

C. Battlegrounds

D. 6 New Items at the Item Mall

* Limited Offer

* Skill-Reset Phylactery[Price: 800 Ingots]
o An item which can reset all the used skill points

* Instruments->Props[Price: 20 Ingots]

* Six Realm Lotus
o An Item that lets you choose your side freely during the weekly “World Martial Competition”

* Instruments->Charms[Price: 7 Ingots]

o Incense Returning Phylactery
o South B. Returning Phylactery
o KL Snow Town Return Phylactery
o Sura Returning Phylactery

E. New NPCs

* Zhuxian Ares: Battleground NPC [Heyang City]
* Treasure Deity: Battleground Reward NPC [Heyang City]
* Marshall Violet kuang: NPC that gives the [World PK Event Quest] [Heyang City]

PS. Please do not go yet to Kunlun Fairy at Kunlun Land and Demon Supressing Cave at South Boundary to avoid technical errors. Wait for further announcements once these maps are available for access.

Source: http://zxonline.e-games.com.ph/?p=1291#more-1291
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ZXOnline Patch Notes v29
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