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 Phylactery Making.

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PostSubject: Phylactery Making.   Sat Aug 08, 2009 4:08 am

First, In able for you to make ANY School's PHYLACTERY,
You need to know what are the items needed and how to get them.

Items Needed

Pearls - You need Pearls to exchange with Lottery Items which will give you materials in making Phylacteries.

There are 5 types of Pearls Gold Pearl, Wood Pearl, Earth Pearl, Dazzling Pearl, Changing Water Drop

Phylactery RX / Recipe - This is very important. Without this, you will not be able to craft your materials into Phylactery.

How to gather Pearls

There are various ways in gathering Pearls.


First, By doing Adventure Quest - People in Dream.
Required Level. : 46 and above (You should have "Swift Strike" Skill)

NOTE: You can get the quest ONCE a day in a certain time
(12:00-1:00 PM, 7:00-8:00 PM, 10:00-11:00 PM - PH Time).

Get the quest People in Dream from Dreamland Trvl.Dealer Lu Zhu'er (The walking NPC in Heyang Town).

After getting the quest,
Go to Eight Immortal Restaurant in Heaven Sound Map.
Then wait for the NPC Dreamland Trvl.Dealer Lu Di'er to spawn.

When it spawns, pass the quest and you will receive a RANDOM Pearl.

After passing the first quest,
Talk to Dreamland Trvl.Dealer Lu Di'er again to get another quest
Adventure Quest - Between Dreaming and Waking.

After getting the second quest,
Go back to Heyang Town and wait for the NPC Dreamland Trvl.Dealer Lu Zhu'er to spawn.
When it spawns, pass the quest and you will receive another RANDOM Pearl.

NOTE: The NPCs only stays at one map for about 25~30 mins.
And they spawn alternately
When Lu Zhu'er is not in Heyang, meaning Lu Di'er is in Heaven Sound, when Lu Di'er is not in Heaven sound, Lu Zhu'er is in Heyang.

Second, By doing Adventure Quest - Four Literal Treasure.
Required Level. : 60 and above

NOTE: You can get the quest ONCE a day.

Get the quest Four Literal Treasure from Ancient Wizard. (Heyang 193 125)

After getting Four Literal Treasure, it will Auto-Finish and new quest will come out.
Talk to the NPC again and get the 4 quests "The pen", "Ink", "Paper", "Inkstone".

After getting the 4 quests, Again, it will Auto-Finish and new quest will come out.
Talk to the NPC again and get the next quest.

After getting the quest Take 4 literary treas.drawing,
it will Auto-Finish and for the last time, new quest will come out.

After getting the last quest, it will Auto-Finish and you will receive a RECIPE.

There are 4 types of that Recipe which you will get randomly.

Paper - Items needed: Rotten Fish Net, Ramie, Bark.
Inkstick - Items needed: Carbon Black, Pine Smoke, Sandalwood.
Brush - Items needed: Wolf Hair, Green Bamboo, Jade Melting Glue.
Inkstone - Items needed: Fire in Stone, Verdure Stone, Mud in Thousand-year River Bed.

NOTE: To know where to get those items, talk to Ancient Wizard and read Making of the four treasures.

After you collect all the item needed,
Right Click the Recipe and you will receive 2pcs Random Pearl and an item.
Then, Go back to Ancient Wizard and give the extra item in exchange to Zhuxian Episode.

Zhuxian Episode ranges from number 1-24. Collect 8 Episodes and exchange it with buff potions.

Zhuxian Episode 1-8 = Exchange to 10pcs potion which gives Atk+100 for 1 hour.
Zhuxian Episode 9-16 = Exchange to 10pcs potion which gives MP+1000 for 1 hour.
Zhuxian Episode 17-24 = Exchange to 10pcs potion which gives HP+1000 for 1 hour.

Third, By trading 400 Chivalry Points for 2pcs Pearls of your choice at "Xiao Huan". (Heyang 155 146)
Required Level. : 90 and above

How to gather Phylactery RX / RECIPE

You can get them by buying at:
Dreamland Trvl.Dealer Lu Zhu'er,
Dreamland Trvl.Dealer Lu Di'er and the
Traveling / Walking NPC at East Island of Torrent Map.

How to trade Pearls for Lottery items

Go to Teleport Emissary at Heyang City and pick the Pearl you want to trade.

After that, pick the School of which Phylactery you want to make.

You will then receive a Lottery Item.

Right Click the Lottery Item and you can get a random material for making phylactery.

After collecting all the materials needed for your desired phylactery,
Press "O" and CRAFT it, and then you're done! Cool

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Phylactery Making.
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