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 Heavenly book and celestial Karma points

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PostSubject: Heavenly book and celestial Karma points   Fri Jun 19, 2009 2:12 pm

Question: Where do i find the Heavenly book???Question
Answer : Just press "R" to see the skill tree and click the Heavenly Book button as shown in fig 1.

once pressed the heavenly book will be shown..shown in fig2. Embarassed

Question : What is the use of Heavenly book and what is the use of celestial karma points??? hi
Answer : Heavenly Book contains skills which can boost up your main skills for your character.Celestial Karma Points are points used to level up this heavenly book skills depending on your choice.In short, Heavenly books are sort of skill boosters, gives better effect on your main skills.

Question : How will i know which skill will the heavenly book skills affect??? noisy
Answer : Just right click the skill you want and the heavenly book will glow... as shown in fig3

Question: How do we get Celestial Karma Points?
Level 15-90: 1 Celestial Karma point for every 5 levels. Total of 16 points in this bracket.
Level 93-120: 1 Celestial Karma point for every 3 levels. Total of 11 points in this bracket.
Level 121-135: 1 Celestial Karma point for every 2 levels. Total of 7 points in this bracket.
Level 136-150: 1 Celestial Karma point for every 1 level. Total of 14 points in this bracket.

a total of 48 Celestial Karma points at lvl 150 Smile

Question : I want to change my Heavenly book skill points..Can we Reset these points??
Answer : Yes by using the Wordless Heavenly Book Surprised

Question : How can i use the Wordless heavenly book??
Answer : in ZXPH the GM's made a guide on how to use it...
here's the link : http://zxonline.e-games.com.ph/?p=1236

There you have it... Hope this helps. :P
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Heavenly book and celestial Karma points
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