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 Using the Banker

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PostSubject: Using the Banker   Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:30 am

For those who don't know how to use/haven't heard of the banker, here's how:

Heyang City (199 60)
Any Channel

We use the banker to SELL and BUY INGOTS used in the UNIVERSAL TREASURY

INGOTS = monetary form used to buy items from the item mall known as UNIVERSAL TREASURY
GOLD = monetary form IN-GAME used to BUY ITEMS IN-GAME


1. If you wanna buy/sell ingots, talk to Banker Jin Mancang, click on INGOT TRADE to start off. Before transacting, you have to familiarize yourself first with the TRADE window.

2. In buying/selling, you have to deposit your gold/ingots first.
> click Deposit and enter the amount of GOLD/INGOT.

**If you're going to buy, deposit your GOLD..If you're going to sell, deposit your INGOTS

3. After depositing, you input the Price for the gold/ingot you want to buy/sell.

**For every transaction you make, double-check so that you wont make any mistakes.

**If there is no listing for the price you want you can just deposit it there and wait till somebody sells/buys INGOT for the price you specified.

> Check every now and then to see if you already have ingots. The same goes for the ones who are selling ingots.

4. Don't forget to withdraw your INGOTS/GOLD from the banker.^^

and Voila! you're done.^^


1. Check the prices every now and then. It's just like stock exchange. You always have to monitor the prices.

2. For those who are buying ingots to buy items they can sell, do a comparison first. Compute howm much profit you can gain if you buy a certain item for the ingot price. Example:

Intacts (11pcs) = 70 ingots
Price of ingot sold = 1G 20S
Price of Intact in-game = 9G (varies)

So if you're gonna buy ingots for the price of 1.20 each, you'll be charged:

1.20 x 70 = 84 G
+ 1.68 (Commission Fee)

and if you're gonna sell the intacts you bought for let's say 9G each:
11 x 9 = 99G

So all in all, you'll be profiting:
99G - 85.68 = 13G 32S

not bad ayt? ^^

Hope This Helps.

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Using the Banker
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